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Interior Design Firm Based in Sivakasi

Bala  Interiors  is  one  of the  best   interior designers  in  Sivakasi. Our expertise  and  creative ideas  would  certainly  turn your  house into your dream home. Our major interiors designing services are home interior designing, flat interior designing, office interior designing, contemporary interior designing modular kitchen designing. Bala Interiors has an army of highly intelligent and competitive professionals for designing, decorating, modifying, renovating and redefining the already existing as well as altogether new spaces of commercial as well as residential kinds. Having developed offices, hospitality spaces, Villas, Homes, Kids’ Rooms and Nurseries, Dining Rooms, Gyms and Living Rooms; we have always spread smiles and contentment amongst our many clients. With Bala Interiors in action, you can always expect us to surpass your expectations.


Get your home designed by the best home interior designers in Sivakasi

Modular Kitchen Interiors Designers in Sivakasi

Bala Interior offers a huge collection of fully kitchen designs and modular kitchen in Sivakasi. We also design fit parallel kitchen, Island kitchen, Straight kitchen, U Shape kitchen, L Shape kitchen and kitchen accessories.

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Straight Modular Kitchen Design

The straight modular kitchen is perfect for small house or apartments . We provide a compact design for straight kitchen and the cost is very affordable compared to other modular kitchens.Our clients are guided with unique straight line kitchen ideas as straight kitchen layout is most suitable for small kitchen space.

Island Kitchen Design

Bala interior modular kitchens offer you the Island kitchen designs in Sivakasi for all kitchen sizes . Buy island kitchen at the best price near you with a wide range of design. Island kitchen designs are commonly used in kitchens that are spacious. Bala interiors can create Island kitchen ideas and Cabinet ideas even for small kitchens. . 

Parallel Kitchen Design

The parallel kitchen is one of the most classic and traditional layouts . It allows for maximum efficiency in a small amount of space . The Bala interior provides the best parallel kitchen in Sivakasi .With counters on either side, the cook of the house has enough space to try new recipes. We understand the satisfaction of having a clean kitchen.

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Our Customised Services

Be it your personal space or office, we at Bala Interiors believe in changing dreams into realities. We turn ideas, concepts into interiors you would love to work at or live in. Our range of products and services include:

1.Theme based office Interiors

Working in offices designed by Bala Interiors means your partners clients will be in awe the moment they walk into your studio.We take your ideas and themes and covert them into better designed office spaces which reflect the mission and vision  of your business.We believe in using space the right way,so be it co-working offices or the latest trend in Interior designers in Sivakasi.We believe in using space the right way,so be it co-working offices or the latest trend in Interior designers in Sivakasi We do it all,and we do it with style.After all,the first impression is the last,right?

2. Lighting Concepts & Designing

Want to change the lighting of your home and office?. We believe in using light to reveal the character of a place. Trust us with your space and get ready to be blown away. Be it your naturally lit kid’s room interior design or Best Interior Designers in Sivakasi for your new restaurant, we take elements from your mood and string them such that lighting of your spaces will compliment your day and lift your spirits up every time you walk in a room designed by us.

3. Furnishing

Different elements need to come together to create the perfect room. We apply this philosophy to every project. Our selection of furnishing – furniture, wardrobe, curtains, and lighting elements – is done keeping in mind your preferences and style to reflect your personality, while working within the budget you have decided. Our aim is to provide the luxurious interiors you need to conduct your daily affairs. Be it your new kitchen interior design or your in-vogue living room interior design, we aim to paint the world the way you see it.

4.Turnkey Interiors

We believe in creating interiors from scratch. Interior Design Companies In Sivakasi Budgeting, estimates, designing, you tell us what you need and how you need it – we will come up with the interior decorators in Sivakasi in your price range. Talking to the vendors, getting the best deals – you and your dreams are in the safest hands when you entrust them to us, the best interior designers in Sivakasi. Creating your dream home, your dream office is the dream we share as well. Doing Interior designers in Sivakasi from the base – we believe in creating spaces and relations which help us create homes and offices out of thin air.

5. Property Renovations

We are the Residential Interior Designers you have been looking for. Property renovations are our signature. Your imagination, dreams, and budget decide where you want to go next with your space. Apartments interior designers in Sivakasi. Making it come true is our work. We will dedicate our energy to the room you want – bathroom interior designs, bedroom interior designersModular Kitchen Sivakasi or a full house, office or commercial space renovation, we know how to do properties to bring about the magic you are looking for. Your vision will be executed with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Being experienced interior designers in Sivakasi, interior designers in Sivakasi. Creating spaces is like creating memories, and with us, Bala Interiors, you will make the happiest memories of your life. Turning your place, residence and office in place you love and resonate with are our mantras.

What Our Clients Say​

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Our dream home was designed as beautifully as we pictured it - that’s what’s unique about the HomeLane experience
The designers from Bala Interiors helped us craft a unique and colorful look for each room in our home!

Most customers often equate interior design to good looking furniture & carpentry. In reality good home design incorporates 5 elements, namely – Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Painting and Décor. A good home interior designer helps weave these 5 elements around the life and lifestyle of the owning family – things such as hobbies, presence of elderly at home, grocery buying schedules, guest movement etc. to create tailor made, cozy and warm living spaces for the family. Hence when working with a designer one should expect more than just good carpentry and looks.

That said, customers just expecting carpentry or looking for someone to execute pre-determined designs should avoid hiring a designer as the lack of creativity may lead to detachment of the designer resulting in poor quality work

In the first discussion it is important you communicate a clear budget you have planned for the interiors as that helps driving a focused discussion on the options and next steps. It is also important to tell us your lifestyle, tastes & hobbies, this is critical input that will help us tailor-make the home around your needs. Lastly it is important to inform us your own visualisation and theme of the home, such as Whites – (Contemporary / Straight Line Theme), Browns (Victorian / Classic Theme), Grey (Zen Theme), Blue (Aqua Theme), etc. You can also collect images and clippings that appeal to you just to help the us determine your taste.

Most customers often equate interior design to good looking furniture & carpentry. In reality good design incorporates 5 elements, namely – Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Painting and Decor. A good interior designer helps weave these 5 elements around the life and lifestyle of the owning family – things such as hobbies, presence of elderly at home, grocery buying schedules, guest movement etc. to create tailor made, cozy and warm living spaces for the family. Hence when working with a designer one should expect more than just good carpentry and looks.

When evaluating Interior Designers for their home customers tend to compare cost estimates first, however estimates can be misleading and built on completely different assumptions. My advice is to first look at whether your wavelength matches with that of the designer, whether in your initial meetings you got a feeling that the designer will be able to create the positive living space where you would love to spend the next 8 – 10 years of your life. Second would be to look at whether the designer has dedicated workmen and skills to deliver across the 5 elements – Furniture (Woodwork) Furnishing, Painting, Lighting & Decor. Third would be to check for the extent of personal involvement of the principal designer for your project. Last, but not the least, your home needs to reflect your taste and lifestyle hence it is best to avoid choosing designs based on a set catalog from the designer or from the internet.

Ideally one should appoint an interior designer when the planning for the electrical work is ongoing, typically around 3 months prior to the handover of the residence. This ensures that the electricals are done according to the planned interior design and helps avoid rework

A well-designed home can be life changing for the residing family. Good design not only helps enhance the mood and positivity of a given space but also ensures that the occupants to live comfortably and safely. As an example, child friendly and elder friendly designs can help prevent injury and fall that, especially for the elderly, can cripple self-esteem and longevity affecting the entire family. Good designers help create a certain living culture within the home that stays with the occupants throughout their life.

Profiles of nearly all designers are nowadays available on the Web, In addition there are aggregator websites like where most good designers showcase their work. Go through past projects and any published literature on the designer on the internet and find the ones that align to your taste. Schedule an initial meeting with the designer to discuss the designer’s approach to interior design and determine whether there is a match of the wavelength – something that we discussed above. Also check what material they will use to execute the work within your requirements and budget.

At Bala Interiors we have always believed that good design can be life changing for the occupants of the home. All our designs and execution of the same is therefore personally supervised by our founder and chief designer. To ensure quality, we limit ourselves to 3 to 4 projects at a time and no more with each project tailor made for the family that will stay there. We are also clear that we are not, nor do we want to be a modular furniture company nor an aggregator of service providers. We take complete responsibility for our projects from start till end.

Most of our projects will be complete turnkey interiors including Furniture, Furnishings, Paintwork, Wall papers, Lighting, Appliances and Decor. We also take on stand alone Modula Kitchens as well as designer Sliding Wardrobes.

Costs vary depending on the scope of work and the finishes chosen. We work along with our customers to jointly determine the budgets they should allocate for designing their homes in line with their tastes and needs.

For a new house in Sivakasi the budget can range from 10 to 30 percent of the price of the apartment or villa depending upon the scope. Please get in touch to understand more about this. As a trusted home interior designer in Sivakasi we are very transparent about pricing.

As a part of our turnkey interior design services we make all the purchases, track the orders, inspect all the materials, execute the designs and do the installation/ onsite work. This process ensures quality & transparency and makes us responsible end to end from the quality of materials to the final output. Your home is our creation and being one of the best interior designers in Sivakasi we take full responsibility for our work.